The ticket pre-sale has started! So get your tickets and shirts now.

The ticket sale is provided by our fellow partner

The stream will be free of charge so you don’t need a ticket for that.

Important: Please note that having one of our tickets does not include a potential entrance fee at our Satellites. Please check the Satellites page for further information.

How to proceed after your purchase

Once you received your ticket, go to our Partymeister and register using the access code given on your ticket. After that you’re ready to upload entries and later on vote in competitions.

Ticket & Shirt options


If you want to participate in the competitions and vote for all the entries, you need to get one of our free tickets!


Have a look at this year's t-shirt. Pretty, isn't it? For only 15.- EUR it can be yours.

Please note that due to separate shipping ways (Print@Home Tickets are sent via email, t-shirts via DHL) you have to order the t-shirt separately from the ticket.

Or just buy an I♥Revision ticket and the t-shirt will be automatically included in your order.

Please note that the t-shirts won’t be shipped before the end of April/beginning of May.

All t-shirt proceeds will got to a Ukrainian relief fund - so buy plenty <3


A ticket for those who love what we do and would like to show that with some additional support! 
With this ticket you’ll automatically receive the official Revision party t-shirt 
(you don’t have to fill out an extra order for it). The price for this ticket is 65.- EUR.


Supporter tickets are your possibility to show your passion and support for the demoscene and especially Revision even more! It will also give you some additional specials:
  • A special T-Shirt (you don’t have to fill out an extra order for it)
  • Mentioning during prizegiving ceremony (optionally you can stay anonymous)
  • Mentioning on the website (optionally you can stay anonymous)

The prices for a supporter ticket range from 250.- to 750.- EUR.
If you’d like to support us in your companies’ name you’ll receive a written invoice.