womp Platinum

We are Womp.

Womp makes 3D creation incredibly easy. It was built by artists and creatives looking to revolutionize 3D. 100% on the browser, zero downloads or knowledge required.

zeit:raum Gold

Die zeit:raum Gruppe entwickelt zukunftsorientierte Lösungen in den Bereichen Film, Digital, Virtual-/Augmented-Reality und CGI. zeit:raum setzt dabei auf ganzheitliche strategische Beratung, kreative Konzeption und innovative technische Umsetzung. Anspruchsvolle ausgezeichnete Film- und Digital-Projekte – von der Idee bis zur Reife.

Individual Computers Silver

Individual Computers is already in business for over 20 years. They are highly recognized in the scene for excellent hardware products for current and retro-computers such as Amiga and C64.

BOOM Library Corporate

High-end sound effects and audio plug-ins for professional sound designers & producers. Recorded, edited & developed by an award-winning team, BOOM Library supports you with absolute uncompromising quality, ease of use and immense creative freedom in achieving first-class audio.

RMCRETRO Corporate

Celebrating retro computers through video, and a new public exhibition for visitors to come and enjoy vintage machines, guest speakers and special events. Find out more at RMCretro.com

consolekabels.be Corporate

Consolekabels.be supplies modern tools and addons for all your demoscene and retro-gaming needs on the common 8- and 16-bit platforms out there but also supplies those the cables, power supplies, joysticks, controllers that you can no longer find or just want to replace. Owned and operated by the Royal Belgian Beer Squadron, they have return again to support Revision 2022

Arcadiz Supporter

Arcadiz is an optical integrator and operator, connecting your company to a datacenter or cloud with a redundant path, whilst guaranteeing a 99,9995% uptime!

We offer dedicated cloud access, tailored to your budget and needs.

Liqube Audio Supporter

Resonic Pro is a fast audio player and sample browser for professionals and enthusiasts. It offers studio-grade audio quality, XMPLAY-compatible playback of tracked music, a big waveform seekbar, and analyzers. As a demoscener I want to give back and offer special Pro license to every Revision ticket holders, anybody participating in a compo, and will gift full Pro licenses to the top winners in all music compos. Details and Discord: https://revision.liqube.com

CCC VOC Partner

CCC Video Operation Center is a working group consisting of Chaos Computer Club enthusiasts running lecture recording and streaming infrastructure on and for different chaos events or conferences. C3VOC provides Revision 2022 with a home for its live stream.

Private supporters

emoon / TBL
Weasel / Padua / G*P / C.A.P. TV
dOc.K / Moods Plateau
-pOWL! / Alcatraz
muhmac / speckdrumm
mentor / TBC

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