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Introduction to the demoscene

D.Fox and dojoe
Friday, 15.04.2022 17:00 CEST

Dojoe and D.Fox are taking you on an adventure - the adventure called demoscene! What is it? How does it work? What even is a demo and a demoparty? We don’t know! But we might have a better idea after this seminar. We’re also going to watch some demos y’all!

Introduction to Womp

Friday, 15.04.2022 21:00 CEST

Womp is the most powerful web-based content builder for modern creators, intuitive and easy to use. We’ve built the first Server-side streamed full collaborative, real-time rendered creation software using volumetric technology. To create Womp, our team had to make revolutionary breakthroughs in graphics, memory management, real-time collaboration, raytracing, and WebRTC media streaming.

We’ve combined the power of CUDA and the latest Nvidia hardware streamed directly through the cloud using bleeding-edge pixel streaming and WebRTC tech to allow you to interact with a blank canvas and volumetric forms as if they were hosted directly on your local computer.

With the help of Nvidia’s real-time raytracing team, we’ve incorporated the latest Optix denoising to offer a clear and beautiful real-time rendered creation experience to our users. First and one-of-a-kind experience to mold and sculpt real-time rendered glass, and more importantly, allowing anyone to share it as a real-time experience to enjoy directly from the browser.

Last but not least, leveraging the best demoscene volumetric technology, we’ve built an incredibly powerful engine using sophisticated memory optimization and memory structures to allow our users to create and scale from designing a simple object to a giant scene with tens of thousands of nested and interacting primitives.

Whether you’re an expert or a n00b, an NFT Creator, or a game artist, you can build it Better with Womp. Made with Love by Gaby, Bian & the Womp team.

The Best Of The Worst Belgian Beers

Friday, 15.04.2022 22:00 CEST

Not all beers are created equal. So this year we are going for the worst tasting Belgian beer according to Franky. You might like them, Franky does not.

Let’s find out what makes the cut and what does not.

A casual discussion about diffuse lighting

Saturday, 16.04.2022 12:00 CEST

In 1760, Johannes Lambert experimentally derived the laws of light intensity and thus invented photometry as well as what we now refer to as the Lambert BRDF. To this day, diffuse lighting remains a ridiculously complex topic. Let’s grab a cup of tea and talk about it.

Brief Bloopmuseum tour

Saturday, 16.04.2022 18:00 CEST

What happens when you grow up in a scene filled with games, demos, computer music, and cool technology, and then you want to make a museum about it, and THEN it gets completely out of hand? The Bloop Museum!

InversePhase has partnered with friends from his past and started building exhibits in the Maryland Technology Museum, who hosts and puts up with him. He’ll take you on a short tour through the facility, tell bad jokes, and answer your questions about the museum.

How an Austrian took over Europe, again, kind of - History and outlook on the Data Protection Territory Dilemma

Sunday, 17.04.2022 11:30 CEST

You think processing GDPR-protected data inside the EU is difficult to do lawfully? Try having it processed outside! In this seminar, Netpoet AKA Frank Stiegler sheds light on why it’s so difficult, how controllers are dealing with the issue, what the EU is attempting to solve the problem for good this time, and what role a certain Austrian plays in all this.

Ideas, Tech and Goals behind TAOHC - Can geeks dance?

Mr. Pet/Sanity
Sunday, 17.04.2022 15:00 CEST

The Art of Hard Coding is a modern and free platform for digital art, also known as DEMO art. A healthy competition within the scene and the ambition of individuals to exploit precisely such limitations, to go to the limits of what seemed feasible so far and beyond, has led to a variety of digital diamonds that are created and also admired worldwide - but so far only by a manageable number of insiders. This is exactly what The Art Of Hard Coding wants to change.

TAOHC, The Art Of Hard Coding, aims to provide a free and contemporary platform for global demo artists, to be free of charge and advertising, and to support the idea of free art and digital culture. It sees itself as a continuation of the Art Of Coding initiative and wants to do its part to make demo art accessible to as many as possible in a contemporary way with a comprehensive, curated and, in the best sense, mobile media library.

The platform aims to present demos in a comprehensible, accessible and informative way. Educating people about this art form is a major concern.

As part of this art scene, we find it untenable that currently the only access to this art, which always had (and has) the claim to be free of advertising and commerce, has so far been exclusively via standard market video platforms such as YouTube (with increasingly aggressive advertising and manipulative recommendations). This contradicts the basic idea of the demo art scene, which we want to give the encouragement and recognition it deserves with a dedicated platform.

ACA123x - any good for demos?

Jens Schönfeld, individual computers
Sunday, 17.04.2022 20:00 CEST

In this seminar, Jens Schönfeld from individual Computers explains how design decisions for an accelerator can influence demo performance.

Definitely has a commercial pitch. Huge thanks to all authors of the free software used: Libre Office, Audacity, OBS Studio and Pitivi. Sorry about the unfocused camera!