Music acts


Let’s see what happens when we put 8 musicians in a virtual room full of musical instruments! Saturday morning get your coffee and a croissants ready, and follow as Saga Musix, sergeeo, tenfour, and friends improvise a live music set in a very socially-distanced way. We’re expecting chill island vibes, 80’s montage music, the cringiest smooth vapor-jazz, and your everyday bleeps & bloops.


dojoe will spice up your night with some danceworthy tunes live from the Starbase, so remember to polish your dancing shoes and put on some glitter!


Already at an early age ghost was exposed to the dark realms of electronic music and broken beats. But instead of succumbing to the forces of the Amen Break he started to embrace the rolling basslines and chopped beats. Besides his love for music and code he is known as a member of the infamous AttentionWhore posse and organizer for both Revision and UnderConstruction. For Revision this year he will deliver a well-balanced selection of energetic Drum & Bass rollers from liquid to dark amen choppage that will make you move.


Defining his revision residency with an iron fist around his tea cup. Give your subwoofer a proper workout with nordic drumming and don’t forget it’s safety off saturday. (Photo credit to Thomas Findeisen)


Hard times require even harder Techno" Usually Mäck is often seen at raves around Cologne but due to the current situation, he can be seen more often in various internet radio streams and live stream events. His Techno/Hardtechno sound can be described as hard, dark and filthy with a tempo range starting at 140 bpm. Visuals will definitely not be neglected in his sets.


No two sets from wayfinder are the same. But you’re going to dance. You know this.