Music competitions


  • Limitations:
    • Only one entry per composer per competition allowed.
    • Maximum playing time is 4 minutes. Going over this limit will result in disqualification.
  • Technical Requirements:
    • Please complete ID3 tag or OGG file info as with as much detail as possible.
  • Before You Submit Your Entry:
    • Do not use any copyrighted material in your track. Yes, this also applies to vocal tracks ‘found on the internet’.
  • And finally:
    • There will be a jury preselection before the compos. The jury will come out of the party visitors - if you want to be a part of the jury watch out for the jury selection announcement. Entries that did not pass preselection will not be played, cannot be voted for and will not be spread.

Streaming Music

  • Before You Submit Your Entry:
    • The entry has to be delivered as single .MP3 or .OGG file at a bitrate of 192kbps or higher. If you cannot encode at these settings, please contact us.

Executable Music

  • Limitations:
    • This is a cross-platform competition. Any platform that is able to generate sound can compete!
    • Maximum size of the executable: 32768 bytes. Noters, info files, and readmes don’t count into this limit.
  • Technical Requirements:
    • The entry has to be delivered as executable program, in a format suitable for the target platform.
    • Supported platforms in the newschool variant are anything with a CPU with 32 bit or wider data bus (PC, Mac, XBOX…). Entries for platforms other than Windows must include a WAV capture as part of the submission. Amiga AGA goes into the Oldskool Music competition.
    • A .WAV writer (AND instructions how to use it) is REQUIRED. Unable to do this ? Contact us ! If adding the .WAV-writer puts you over the filesize limit, you can provide 2 versions in the submitted archive : one with and one without writer.
    • The maximum allowed pre-calculation time (in case your player needs it) is 30 seconds.
    • Entries may not loop and have to end with silence.
  • And finally:
    • Screen contents will not be displayed so don’t waste your time creating fancy effects.

Tracked Music

  • Limitations:
    • Allowed formats: MOD, S3M, XM, IT.
    • Maximum file size: 2MB (2097152 bytes).
    • No remixes, no covers.
  • Before You Submit Your Entry:
    • Modules will be played using the latest version of XMPlay. Please specify if you want any specific playback settings in XMPlay, or else these will apply:
      • MOD: No Interpolation, No Ramping, 50% Stereo Separation, normal MOD playback mode.
      • S3M/XM/IT: Sinc Interpolation, Sensitive Ramping, 50% Stereo Separation.

Fast Music

The party that brought you ‘Fast Music Compo - who’s idea was it to have that vocal pack?’ and ‘Fast Music Compo - hey, that actually was pretty damn funny!’ brings you in 2022: ‘Fast Music Compo - no, we actually have no clue what the hell is going on.’ You have a time window of 90 seconds to make the satellite song you’ve always wanted. You do not know what that means? Well, we don’t know it as well. But we know since this year that satellites are about people. That we learned. So use your voice in the process of creation. Make yourself heard, we want to hear everybody! So you guessed it, the rules are simple: Make that satellite song. Whoever gets disqualified will have to partake in an unofficial drinking compo with a finnish scener chosen by the orgas. In summary: *

  • Limitations:
    • Maximum playing time is 90 seconds.
  • Before You Submit Your Entry:
    • The entry has to be delivered as single .MP3 or .OGG file at a bitrate of 192kbps or higher. If you cannot encode at these settings, please contact us.
  • Other hints & rules:
    • Go full satellite. It’s up to you if that means 110% Lena Meyer-Landrut, the cyberpunk sci-fi mashup Jar Jar Binks is afraid of or the sleaziest seventies space opera you can think of. We don’t know it either, so don’t ask us!
    • No genre restriction, but we want you to use some sort of voice sample to convince us of your satelliteness. We strongly recommend using your own voice! Be loud, be proud!
    • All general rules for music competitions apply to the Fast Music Compo as well.
    • 90 seconds maximum running time. Entries exceeding the limit will be disqualified.
    • Be creative, be daring, be satelliticious. Don’t be nasty or evil. Remember: The entry that sticks out the most tends to win.

Oldskool Music