Invitation, Tickets & more

  • Friday, Mar 25, 2022

Oh so many news!


First of all, we proudly present that the MFX Entertainment Division, In Collaboration With The Farbrausch Music Group & Poo-Brain Modelling Agency are proudly presenting The Invitation To Revision 2022 titled:

“The Revision 2022 Invitation”

This awesome piece of demoscene art can be consumed in various formats:




Special events

We are very proud to host the prizegiving ceremony of The Meteoriks - an award to honor demoscene productions of 2021. In addition to the laureate reveal, there will be a screening of the best productions!

Shader Showdown is back with another round of fierce battles! At Revision 2022, 8 coders will compete one-on-one in a live-shader-coding single elimination tournament over two days.

The wonderful and exhausting Revision 2022 5k run! Run with your friends or on your own - submit your results, pictures and videos and be part of a generation of fit people!

…and maybe more!

Music acts

As every year, we’ll have a handful of talented djs making music for your earholes.

To just name two - our own host, dojoe, will be throwing tunes your way and - speaking of way - wayfinder will also grace us with an audible experience during the event!

And there will be more!

Ticket sale is open

Our ticket shop is open now and you can finally get those free participant tickets and access keys to upload your entries and vote!

On top of that, we offer our usual supporter ticket options for everyone who wants to be extra awesome.

A side note - we will be donating all t-shirt proceeds to a Ukrainian relief fund - so please order plenty <3