Revision 2022 is over

  • Monday, Apr 18, 2022

Revision 2022 is over!

What a ride!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for this event again and made it, what it was - another great easter party!

Most likely you’re very much interested in the competition results
All releases can naturally be found at

Before we sign off for the first and get some rest and sleep, we want to again thank everyone who made this event possible (in no particular order):

  • all participants, visitors and party animals - no party without you and your awesome releases, obviously!
  • the whole Revision production and streaming team, our network operators, infrastructure specialists and competition organizers
  • our social media wizards for information and hype on all channels
  • the shader showdown crew and all participants that created marvellous stuff again!
  • the online moderation team, being there for you on discord throughout the event
  • all our sponsors and partners that run this event together with us
  • the satellite organizers - with your awesome support and dedication it was finally possible at least in some smaller scale for people to actually enjoy Revision in real life again!
  • our ho(r)sts D.Fox and dojoe
  • all the DJs and music acts, providing the right party grooves
  • Leia and the 5k run team for… well, the 5k run!
  • our official photographer Viscid, who again collected photos and memories also for this hybrid edition!
  • all moderators, guiding and commenting the competitions
  • the CCC for providing our main streaming infrastructure
  • for providing additional streams for Revision itself and the satellites
  • all seminar speakers for their interesting, funny and in general awesome talks!
  • all our many, many private supporters
  • and…. YOU! either because you did something awesome for us and we forgot you in the list above, or because you simply enjoyed this ride with us again in whatever way!

Enjoy the rest of this long Easter weekend, take care and - hope to see you all again next year… in the E Werk?