Experience Revision like never before. Your distributed Easter experience!

Enjoy the event at home on the stream or on location at one of our satellites!

April 15th to 18th

Start orbiting!

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About Revision

It's online

Revision is the world’s biggest pure Demoscene event and will take place from April 15th to 18th. Due to the ongoing pandemic it will be a live streamed event.

It's on-site

Thanks to our growing list of Satellite partners, you can also enjoy Revision on-site and watch the stream together with like minded people.

It's awesome

Revision is an event celebrating the Demoscene creativity. If you want to know more about the demoscene - look here!

How can I participate?

Revision offers lots of competitions ranging from graphics and music to coding as well as fast-competitions, that take place during the Easter weekend.

Revision is free!

This year, the participation and voting tickets are free of charge but you still have to get a (free) ticket here! Please be aware that Satellite events might charge an entrance fee!

Submitting your entries

Entry upload is now available to anybody with one of our free tickets. Upload yours now on our party system!

Can I host a Satellite event?

Sure you can! Check out the requirements and get in touch with us!

Do I have to submit something?

No you don’t - you can just enjoy Revision with us - no strings attached!

Get in touch

Do you have a question about Revision, our competition or do you want to host a Satellite?

Write us now!

More Information


A lot of Satellites have been announced and are happy to receive you as their guests. Check them out and make sure you get up to speed with potential rules and regulations at your preferred Satellite.


What would a demoparty be without competitions? Pretty boring we’d say! Thus we offer you an awesome amount of great competitions on all platforms. Check them out from the top menu!


For those who want to improve their skills or just inform themselves about interesting, computer- and demoscene-related topics, we will of course host some awesome seminars again. More infos about them soon!

Music Events

Need a break from all the creative content at Revision? We have some top-notch music acts to get you up from the sofa and move… to the fridge probably!


Our timetable with all Deadlines, Competitions, Events, and more is here! Since demoparty organizing is not an exact science, there might be last minute changes!


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